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Dont Drive Your Customers Away With These Serious Web Design Mistakes
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custom web design in torontoProper web design is the most important aspect every website owner has to look into since it decides whether visitors will continue to browse your site or not. The main idea is to be design the site in such a way that it is usable and simple to use.

You need to hire a firm doing custom web design in Toronto which can follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). In this context let us look at some of the mistakes design firms make which can easily distract your prospective customers and how to avoid them.

Serious Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Not Including a Search Box

Whether it is an ecommerce store with listing of hundreds or even thousands of products to any smaller site with 50-60 pages, visitors coming to your site might want to use the search feature to check whether you have the particular product or information they are searching for.

If there isn’t any search box on your site then instead of going through each and every page they will rather visit some other website where such information is readily available.

Solution: The simplest way of adding search functionality is to use Google Custom Search which will take least amount of time to set up and can be quite useful for any website.

Poor Legibility and Readability

Apart from good interface the other important aspect of web design that companies working on custom web design in Toronto have to keep note of is proper readability. If the text is not readable then your prospective customers will immediately move to some other site.

Solution: There are few simple things that designers do to make sure readability and legibility is as desired on your website. These solutions include:

  1. Test out various color schemes at places like Adobe Kuler.
  2. To effortless reading on web pages use typeface such as Sans Serif typeface.

Improperly Structured Content Layout

If there is no structure to content then your visitors will not find your site useful. Generally, web users do not read full text on any web page, rather they scan available information and pick details that are of interest to them. Just a block of text will be totally ignored by your users.

Solution: The solution will consist of:

  • Structure the content with the help of proper heading and sub-headings, lists, bulleted text and short paragraphs.
  • Keep good amount of whitespace between images and text by utilizing margins.

Inconsistency in Interface

Many designers try to express their creativity by developing separate designs for different pages. This will be considered utterly annoying as well as confusing by your visitors.

Solution: As a solution what you will have to do is maintain consistency in design and utilize a standard template for all the pages.


As conclusion we will say that creating is simple design is a more useful thing for customer retention than trying to implement something complex. Users will like your website if it present right information to them in the right manner and they can easily browse and locate what they are searching for.

What Is Social Media Internet Marketing
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This is the process of marketing your business through social media. To get new and upwardly mobile people is to use social media. Your business needs to be seen by others in order to grow and get more success. Social Media is very effective way of marketing these days. Internet marketing with social media is very effective to increase sales and customer opinions of your product and company. Some of those ways are by using things like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can visit socialmediasorted to know more about the social media.

Facebook is one of the older and well-known social media through which you can market your business using the internet. Using Facebook is fun for people, and when you engage your consumer base through internet marketing with social media like Facebook, you create feeling of happiness. People use things to make their Facebook page more attractive to the people who like their page. Memes are an enjoyable way to redesign pop culture references. If you find the right meme, you can use it to help generate awareness about your brand.

Search Engine Optimization through the use of blogs can also help to market your business in a god way. When you write a blog the important thing to optimize the words used so that search engines like Google or Bing can easily find it when people are looking for something related to the search word. Blogging with SEO is a good way to make sure that new customers can quickly find information out about your business.

The Only Image Moderation Advice You Really Need
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Web developers put a lot of time and effort in creating a website where people can interact, make choices, share information and drive commerce. Your goal is to keep people talking, visiting and contributing to your website. You want to be able to set up a system where you don't have to micromanage every detail, and yet there is a need to control and protect your reputation and brand. One of the most critical tools that are available to help you accomplish this task might just be an image moderation program.

Are pictures really worth a thousand words? That may be debatable, but there is no question that the wrong image on a web site can cost thousands of dollars lost in potential revenue. So what is the best way to help your contributes enjoy adding content and selecting the kind of images that match your core values and the message you want to send to your users? The key is to select an image moderation program that does the work for you, gives you the statistics you require to make sound business decisions and the guarantee that images outside of your parameter and comfort zone never hit your website. 

Think of it as a doormat, the kind that you wipe your feet on before you enter a home. It collects all the dirt and undesirable items before you walk through the door. Better than that, it tells you how those items tried to get in and how to prevent it in the future. You don't have to shake out the doormat and look at the grime. Image management does that for you.

So, invite users all over the world to use your apps and contribute to your content and get busy moving on because you have a program that is keeping your sites looking the way you want them to look. All you have to do is read the reports and decide if you want your parameters to change. It is the best insurance plan you can have for a quality, interactive site.