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Apartments In Turkey For Sale Definitive Buying Guide For Expats
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Turkey’s property market is similar to that of any other on earth when it has to do with variables like present trends, property availability, amenities, services and much more.

Official Turkish property records demonstrate that specific cities are more popular for land purchases, not by taxpayers, but foreigners too. If you wanted to purchase Apartment in Turkey then you may check out this online websiteعقار/tr/istanbul/فلل_للبيع/1188-فيلا_للبيع_في_اسطنبول_ضمن_مجمع_Yesil_Konaklar_للفيلات.html.

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Expats can purchase property for half of the cost of the home nation. Turkey has reduced costs in comparison to several other EU countries as well as the US and UK.

Istanbul: A City of Magical Delights

The largest city in Turkey isn’t its capital Ankara however Istanbul, which provides a home buyer a plethora of alternatives and accessibility. Places such as Istanbul are famous for cheap property and increasing value for money, as one goes towards luxury dwelling while off strategy jobs are far more in demand for summer flats, weekend homes and studio flats for employees.

A whole lot of foreign buyers choose for Istanbul. Including Arabs, Europeans and Americans brought by Istanbul’s historic timeline of sway across several cultures.

The most recent population count of Istanbul is 14 million individuals and new, contemporary properties are searching to place the tendency for a lively community. Moreover, renovation in addition to restoration projects can also be in a great deal of demand. There is a good deal of property on the outskirts so needs can be fulfilled.

Fethiye: A Beautiful Seaside Haven

Fethiye is situated on the shore of the Mediterranean ocean. Its standing has climbed from a very small fishing village into a town of its own faith.

Bodrum Peninsula: The Turkish Riviera

Situated on the Aegean shore, Bodrum is a huge destination offering funding land investments and luxury buyers that love million-pound baths with all the best architectural and decor styles. Additionally, there is a huge selection of apartments and villas, near shopping places providing quick, simple accessibility in summers.

Luxury Samui Villas – Horizon Homes Development, Thailand
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Horizon Villas is a luxurious condominium growth on Thailand’s popular tropical vacation island of Koh Samui, offering Samui luxury villas for the sale and holiday rental.

The Grove development provides two, three, four and five bedroom Samui baths, with both backyard views and ocean views, each with their own swimming pools and tropical gardens. To know more about the Luxury villas in Thailand via

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The villas are situated on a gently sloping hillside which overlooks the scenic blue, clear waters and golden sands of Choeng Mon Bay. Choeng Mon city also provides a huge choice of pubs, convenience stores, and restaurants.

The two and three bedroom garden view villas are observed on the lower portion of their evolution hillside. Both bedroom garden view properties are within an L-shape using a 36 square meter swimming pool and shaded, outside, poolside covered pavilion.

The L-shaped configuration ensures solitude as the swimming pool area is concealed from outside the garden walls. Additionally in an L-shaped layout would be the 3 bedroom properties using a generous, 60 square meter pool.

The top region of the hillside and the hilltop is home to a collection of four, three and five bedroom luxury Samui sea view villas. The three bedroom sea view attributes are designed at a U-shaped configuration together with all the central focus being the spacious sun terrace and swimming pool.

The back of the villa hosts the living area and kitchen and the bedrooms are situated towards the front part of the property. Four bedroom properties are constructed on two floors and also the inspirational panoramic sea views could be observed from each corner of their villas.

Lease A Wonderful Studio Apartment To Enjoy Your Holiday In Istanbul
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Istanbul, the investment and business heart of Turkey has always attracted people from anywhere across the world. Even though it’s a company hub today, originally farming has been the foundation income resource.

Obviously, with this income source, the town has made itself as a potential one for the own residents to achieve a fair quality of life. Together with the evolution of the company and the financial upliftment of its inhabitants, it’s become a steady holiday spot for those vacationers and for its immigrants to repay. The majority of them look to get a rented apartment in this city.

An apartment, make it your own or leased in Istanbul comes in a variety of sorts of shapes and designs. Fairly clearly, the cost range also disagrees accordingly. If you want to purchase an apartment in Istanbul then check out this websiteعقار/tr/istanbul/شقق_للبيع/1434-Apartments_for_sale_in_Istanbul.html.

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Studio houses are astoundingly favored for those that are seeking a couple of days remain don’t have to cover a lot of cash for Rent apartments Istanbul.

A holiday flat in Istanbul features fantastic decor that fulfills the requirement and options of the proprietor. But, you may always get sophistication, style, and class with a subtle touch of heritage.

Such amazing studio space houses are observed within the Bosporus, the first city of Istanbul and the broad region of Beyoglu. All these are created with balconies that face the southern part so you can go through the magnificent view of the sun rising in the daytime. You will definitely have an excellent time with your spouse on the verandah or the beachfront would be to unwind in this superb area. Needless to say that it is a superb way to spend your holiday.

A Happy Life Home In Turkey
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Can it be likely to own freedom, financial security, and not as much stress in the livelihood? Yes, it’s likely to possess each one of those and more. What is the catch? You’ll have to get moved, focused and determined for the small business.

Thus, what exactly is this bewitching business enterprise? It’s named Turkey also it’s enabled tens of thousands of people around the planet to call home openly and perform much more with no calmed down and driven into the poor home.

You could check here, If you are looking Happy Life Home in Turkey.

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Just how does Turkey attract happiness?
Thus, you are probably wondering just how a Turkey firm makes you happier? Therefore this moves, it might improve the capability to produce a sustainable income, so break up the chains of a TimeClock open doors to travel, meet like-minded individuals and help the others find freedom.

Many individuals in the business have repaid their homes, new cars, have a wonderful retirement fund and also have enough time traveling.

Turkey isn’t just a project, it may possibly never supply an hourly revenue, nonetheless, it’s a livelihood that can offer you a heavy income. Meaning a test each month so you’re fulfilling your end targets and moving preceding them.

In the event that you’d additional hours in both hands to complete a few hobbies, what could they be? This livelihood will not own one, you possess it.

The Ideal believing can Decrease life conflicts
By in Turkey and fulfilling your business targets, your own life will still have conflicts, it’s only a simple fact of life. But in the event that you should be happy, you might wind fewer fighting disagreements and less frustration over a time period.

How Architects Work In Making Dream Project?
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Real estate development jobs start with identifying possible development websites. Doing your assignments in this early stage is critical to decreasing the inherent dangers as far as you can.

We have discovered that by controlling the website efficiently it can decrease the costs and dangers related to property development. You can navigate to for the best architect in New York.

Once we’ve identified a promising website, we assess that we have not any prospective limitations on the property that could stop the development project from moving.

A significant part of our feasibility procedure is to work our”residual property value”. That is exactly what the property is worth, dependent on the final results and the gain we all stand to create by creating the property.

This amount may bear very little connection to the asking price for your home, which will normally be dependent upon the actual estate broker’s estimation of its worth to owner-occupier or buyer purchasers.

Like many investors, we like to catch a deal, but if it is the ideal site and the figures prove we will turn a nice profit, we are always ready to pay a reasonable price, according to our remaining property value which is exactly what the property is worth.

The ideal situation is a win/win scenario for both parties. The remaining land value we’ve calculated might well be more than the seller’s reserve price since we intend to incorporate value. If that’s the circumstance, we could typically agree on a cost which makes both parties contented.

All About Investing in Properties
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Investing in the property for sale is an emerging trend. Private and commercial land for sale can be a key source of profits.

Different types of property for sale include those near a lake, a hotel, rural or houses. Conduct a thorough research of the real estate market before making any investment. If you want to know more about Riviera Nayarit Real Estate | Mexico Real Estate For Sale then click right here.

Just how can you start acquiring, leasing or selling your property? You are able to find land for sale or lease online. It would be perfect to speak to the community property agencies and receive their estimates.

Make sure that you have, sell or lease properties in appropriate locations. These property websites not only attract your great quality renters but also bring high returns on your investments.

Consider your investment plan prior to making a property investment. Possessing residential or commercial property is dependent upon your budget and worth. It’s possible to initially start with purchasing smaller flats or office spaces. Before placing your house to lease, be cautious about your taste of renters. Decide if you want to rent the house to singles, families or to companies.

It’s great to be flexible and flexible for you. Have all legal documents confirmed and prepared for the purchaser. If you’re purchasing a property to lease, avoid properties which are far from town. These may not bring great rental provides an extended term.

All About Big Island Real Estate
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There are many things that make the great state of Hawaii a unique place to live. This is an island that was created when lava built up over many years to create the island chain. The island chain has been isolated within the Pacific Ocean since its inception.


This is a private neighborhood that can be found in the state of Hawaii. It is located just minutes from the Kona International Airport which makes this community easy for travelers. To know more about Hawaii you can click on Fletcher Hawaii.


This is convenient when you are arriving to island or having guests that will be staying with you. Another positive aspect of purchasing big island real estate is the fact that everything you need is contained within the property.


Hualalai is another private, residential community that can be found on the island of Hawaii. When you purchase big island real estate within this place you will be just ten minutes from the Kona International Airport.

The island of Hawaii is filled with surprises for those who want to purchase big island real estate. There are several great communities from which to choose that offer not only a place to live but many activities in which to take part. This allows you and guests to have a great time on the ocean shore while you are on the island chain.

Impact of New Technology On Executive Condos
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A growing number of varied parts of the people are finding that the world wide web has a sea of info, and house buyers reap the benefits of sites like New Condos online daily. Below are some important details about the positive Effect of engineering in the real estate industry:

Executive condo buyers dedicate more time to study before working with a realtor. But then, move fast, spending just a couple of weeks looking for a new condo, new home, pre-construction condo, townhome, loft or a broker, and see just a few homes.

The catch buyers on the lookout for new condos and homes early in their hunt procedure is indispensable. But as buyers aren’t always keen to get these prospective clients need to be dealt with by experienced and well-trained sales agents.

Information in the world wide web has functioned as a nutritional supplement – not decrease – the function played by property professionals, as four of five Web condo, townhome, loft, or even single-family property buyers used an agent in the buying process a home.

Benefits of Owning a Luxury Condo Hotel
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The leasing sales are shared with the entire qualified hotel management provider.  You pay no upfront fees for this particular management.  As an alternative, the administration provider requires some of the lease income that’s generated.  Even though earnings divide between management and owner company do change from project to project, many areas across the 50/50 mark.

Condo hotels are positioned in lavish hotel preferences and premier metropolitan areas, which control high dollar to get the nightly remains and are always marked with high all year round occupancy prices.

This mixture of top each day rental prices and higher all year round occupancy levels generally create an extremely desirable cash flow outcome.You can also check out modern residences and luxury Condo in 65 Lloyd Road Singapore.

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Along with these leasing sales that are generated, you may delight in the recognition that condo resorts normally experience, too.  Many luxury hotels, notably the branded condominium resorts, have experienced double-digit growth every year, and also have outside performed conventional condos or single family homes at exactly the exact same resort marketplace.

A frequent question is if condo-hotels can be redeemed like ordinary real-estate.  And the response is yes.  Condo-hotels have cost simple deeded property.  You get and sell them as you would any sort of real-estate. A frequent question revolves around finances and if positive rates might be achieved.  And the response is yes.

Real Estate Marketing And New Technologies
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Many businesses have transformed with the changing times, building and gaining a reputation for technology savviest. 1 such business is property. With a selection of technology in real estate classifieds promotion getting more accessible to realtors and since the requirement to add more services becomes even harder, the sector itself has grown more and more reliant on technology. You can also buy the perfect Las Vegas real estate market via

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The current trend among realtors now would be to leap in the tech-savvy ministry and hunt for a variety of ways to use technologies for the enhancement of their companies. Tech includes time-saving and cost-efficiency measurements that rapidly build company standing and bring in many different buyers, investors and sellers. As a consequence of this tendency, a solid need for quicker and more successful marketing and advertising technologies has emerged from the business.

The Local Character of Real Estate Advertising Technology

Property management applications are a brand new technology devised to supply more simplicity and flexibility to several marketing and advertising ventures. Chris Thorman, the technology writer, blogged about the software in Software Advice.

Inside his write-up, he challenged everyone in the company to comprehend each nook and cranny of new advertising technologies and discuss their understanding of these together with the general public. Sharing arouses curiosity and grabs the eyes of potential buyers, investors, and sellers. Furthermore, these technologies will definitely alter the landscape of promotion.

1 thing to notice when looking deeper into brand new advertising technologies is that such technology must be location-based to assist prospective buyers to find properties in their area or some other desired place.

Importance Of Mortgage Adviser
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Non-advice: This sort of mortgage broker delivers the least consumer security, they will just request a set of questions to narrow down the client’s requirements and so filtering the number of mortgages available.  Then they present the client with a little collection of feasible mortgages for the user to select one proper.

You can also visit for info regarding mortgage advisors.

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Additionally, it assumes that the client’s replies are correct and the last decision is made solely by the customer.  Though no advice is provided these agents do manage the organizing of their mortgage on the customer’s behalf, and so coping with all of the pursuing and eliminating stress in the procedure.  Where could you anticipate non-advised agents to exist?  Well believe it or not lots of non-advised agents are inside the high street banks and building societies.

Advice-only: This kind of providers is where a mortgage advisor uses their understanding and expertise to offer the most appropriate mortgage to match customer’s personal conditions.  This may entail a complete fact-finding interview, significance appraisal, discussion regarding the customer’s future plans and ambitions, all which offer crucial details on a customer’s requirements, and so away for your advisor to determine appropriate products.

Tied mortgage consultants: Tied mortgage consultants come in two types ‘just offering mortgages from 1 lender or its mortgages’ or ‘ multi-tied ‘only offer mortgages from a limited number of creditors’.  This obviously restricts the number of loan products available to match a customer’s personal conditions and in lots of instances, they might not have the ability to give the most acceptable mortgage product and so information might bring about the very best mortgage they could provide, being woefully insufficient.

Remote Control Window Blinds
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Remote management window blinds are among the most advanced products accessible in the marketplace these days. They’re unlike any other window blinds which were made before. They may be controlled by the remote device to allow in or block sunlight coming in your house. With the use of motorized window shades and blinds, you can easily open and close window blinds.

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With routine window blinds you, in fact, have to twist that lengthy, unnecessary knob or fiddle with strings to prevent sunlight from getting to your house. The majority of the time, the colors using the knob don’t completely cover the sun up and give you aggravation as you’re attempting to watch your favorite’s television program. With remote controlled window blinds, then you’re in a position to sit and relax as you watch your app with no glare on the monitor.

Simple To Install

You’d believe remote control window blinds could be a really complex matter to set up, but the simple truth is they’re equally as easy to set up as the normal edition. There are no cables to get tangled in through setup – they’re totally wireless. They are easy to use and to plan. You’ll never again have to go through the bother of putting up them and just getting partial success in preventing that sunshine out of your own eyes.

With these dividers, you’ll have the ability to use the control from up to 50 feet off. It’s a pain in the behind to have to walk 50 feet simply to shut one blind whenever there are 5 affecting you who are 10 or more feet away from you. With remote control window blinds, all you need to do is click on 1 button and all of them will close or open to you within minutes.

Roof Repair Services For Your Home
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A specialist roofer can identify these examples that are evident to him but not generally into the normal homeowner.  The era of the roof is going to be the first indications which should remind you to start to get ready for roofing repairs.

If you’re seeing discoloration in the roof, then it is probably an indication that you’ll require a fantastic roof cleaning. If you want to consult regarding roof repair services, then do visit which provides you reliable, professional and provide affordable service.

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In case you’ve noticed discoloration or spots on the ceilings of the inside of your house, it’s a good warning that the roof is most likely leaking and requires immediate care. If you have a look at your roofing and detect the shingles are breaking, you’ve discovered the origin of the roofing repairs.  Other warning signals may be loose or missing shingles or shingles which are curled and worn upward.

All of these are visual cues which will most likely cause the roof to flow shortly if this hasn’t already been happening.  It’s in your very best interest to call a roofer straight away since the longer you wait the greater the opportunity for much more acute damage to your house.

In case you’ve checked out of your roof on the floor by using binoculars and have discovered a few flaws, Call a skilled and receive a free quote for your roof repairs.  It’s not encouraged to scale on the roof all on your own.  You might be hurt and could possibly cause more harm before being aware of it.

Why To Invest In Commercial Property
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Commercial property is a strong investment in both good and bad times of this regional housing marketplace. The business real estate agent I am referring to a multi-unit apartment building.

Yes, you may grow to be a landlord and no there isn’t to perform the job on your own. In the Philippines, real estate business is on a hike as there is a number of house and lot for sale in the Philippines.

real estate

You’re the proprietor rather than the director of this flat construction. The expense of managing and owning the construction a section of one’s expenses and you will be addressed by the leasing income.

Horizontal buildings are thought to be commercial real estate when you can find 5 or more components. To really make the numbers work you must look into to either have multiple small flat buildings or you ought to decide on larger buildings. This is going to continue to keep the trouble to income ratio in a certain cash flow. Owning rental properties is exactly about positive cash flow.

By purchasing single-family homes it’s simple to attain positive cash flow. Even though your rental income will not cover your expenses 100 percent, the appreciation of your home will donate to the favorable cash flow. With a commercial real estate that the principles differ.

Finding Rental Properties
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You’ve come across a can’t miss opportunity to pick up a distressed property. You think this is a great opportunity to turn it into a rental unit to cash in on someone else paying your mortgage. Before plunging into a very big purchase, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of your investment. You can click this site and choose the rental property that is best for you.

When you begin considering buying rental property, the standard focus is merely on the price of the house. A common idea is that after the property is bought, the hard part has ended. Actually the opposite is true. The simple part is the purchase, the hard part is following the purchase. Before you to remain the dotted range, here’s what to consider before buying investment local rental property.

Don’t assume that each local rental property will produce enough income to cover the mortgage. You need to research your price, the rentals rates locally, and normal vacancy rates. If you’re needing the house to cover itself, do your computations carefully, and put in a little wiggle room to make certain you’re covered. It’s rather a terrible sense to buy a house looking to see income, and instead having it draw from your cost savings every month.

rental property perth

Don’t overlook planning unexpected bills and maintenance costs. You’ll want enough more income each month to create aside for these costs. Ignoring these likely costs, will have your earnings property learning to be a money drain. You need to arrange for both normal expenditures, and reserve money for the sudden to safeguard yourself.

The type of local rental property do you intend to own and keep maintaining? One family homes have higher rentals rates. When you yourself have many family local rental homes, you will be spreading yourself slim, just moving between properties for maintenance items, collecting lease, and demonstrating homes.

Solitary family homes may be easy and simple to resell when you choose to exit the rentals business, or want an influx of cash for other assignments. Duplexes and other smaller multi-tenant dwelling lessen your travel, but still offer excellent rentals rates. Apartment complexes move almost all of your management, maintenance, and other careers into one physical location. Together with the increased amount of tenants, you may expect more calls, more odd careers, and higher start of tenants.

Choose the style of rental property which best matches your work desires. If you don’t mind getting around the town every day, single family units might be your perfect choice. If you prefer to work in one location, an apartment complex could be ideal.

Commercial Real Estate Agency
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Within commercial real estate agency, the opportunities for the standard salesperson to succeed are high. That being said, salespeople still need to work to a system and drive themselves as part of a sales and listing excellence program; rewards only come to those that put in the effort.

Within that process, you also need market knowledge, professional business processes, and a variety of skills including prospecting, negotiation, and presentations. Click here to learn more about real estate agency.

Therefore let us look in the high expectations which you’re able to grow for yourself in commercial property sales and leasing. Create a Collection of aims or benchmarks which You Can work too if it comes to These:

GettyImages-513318319-580789425f9b5805c28638be.jpg (768×512)

  • A number of outbound prospecting calls which you create daily to qualified prospects.
  • A number of encounters Which You Can make per week out of the prospecting activity.
  • A number of quality listings which you just take every week out of the prospecting activity.
  • The Variety of demonstrations that you make on a weekly basis to qualified customers and prospects.
  • Your conversion speed of demonstrations to listings.
  • The Time-on marketplace that applies to All of your private listings.
  • The Quantity of seller paid advertising which you reach within this list procedure.
  • Your conversion rate from exclusive listings into successful trades.
  • the Amount of referral business that you draw in the service from the previous customers and Present trades.

These activities and amounts are all extremely crucial if it involves establishing an ongoing company and also the perfect commercial housing market share for you. Too many representatives do not track their advancement.

Using the Services of Real Estate Advisors
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A real estate agent is somebody who provides professional services to property buyers. Real estate services include protecting the interest and the rights of the buyer and making sure that the buyer gets the best value for his money. You can navigate to and get best real estate service to buy or sell your home.

After get together your agent, consider, “How do you experience him?” In the event the agent enables you to feel safe and relaxed as you ask questions, then that is clearly a good indication. If the individual is too demanding or overly positive, trust your instinct when it lets you know that is the incorrect person for the work. Instinct performs a essential role to make options in life. Definitely, every person wish to use someone these are comfortable with.


Hire someone who is patient enough to exhaust all resources to have the ability to find the perfect house for you. Before selecting a realtor, try welcoming him for your meal. If the individual is actually crossing his biceps and triceps, tapping the desk with his hands or pen, it implies that he’s impatient.

One factor involved with being a powerful agent is resourcefulness or having the ability to to bypass if something moves wrong. When you have a resourceful agent, you would not need to invest time considering answers to small problems.

Experience is, of course, the best sign associated with an agent’s abilities. Consider the quantity of time that the agent has put in doing his job. Educational qualifications may make a difference however when you speak of real house transactions, experience is nearly always more valuable.

On this occupation, the individual who has been around this field for some time knows everything there exists to know about any of it. Some veterans would only have a glance at a house plus they would know if it’s a good one or a poor one.

Key Attributes of a Good Property Manager
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Property Management is a growing career profession. The industry provides for employment growth, continual studying experiences, and the opportunity to do business with diverse people and revenue groups. The Property Manager can figure either directly for an owner of properties, or for a property or home management company, contracted by a manager or legal entity to care for the real estate over a specific period of time.

The Property manager carries a fiduciary relationship with your management company and house owner. A fiduciary relationship is one that will depend on a mutual trust and complete confidence available as one another. These professionals have experience of managing communities and properties of all sizes and types.

The Property Manager will be provided an owner's real estate property portfolio to manage to be able to its "highest and best use" as a swap for an employment contract or salary. Real estate assignments for the property manager includes condominium buildings, condominiums, hotels, storage facilities, shopping centers, place of work buildings, government subsidized components, rooming houses, abandoned properties and plots of empty land, to name several.

Managers are required to complete their work using the laws of the terrain. The government (city, state, and federal) dictates how real estate is to be managed, from requiring a genuine estate license (depending within the state), to the usage of the real estate (such seeing that rent control laws). From proper trash removal to how and where we need to keep security deposits, the manager has to keep abreast of many legal requirements of managing real estate property.

How To Find Top Luxury Real Estate for Sale
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If you are searching for luxury real estate available for sale, then it would be good decision to hunt online. The internet is filled with a great deal of information regarding realty to the specific area you need to buy. There are also great deals of realty agents online who may help you in your hunt.

If you do not really know where to search online or how to browse to the information, all you want to do is type in luxury real estate investment and the specific area, or even specific nation. The search engine results pages will open and direct you to thousands of sites which you can look into and question questions from. Some of the real estate investment companies and agents get their contact numbers listed in their websites so you can talk to them individually. Just log onto californianestates or browse through other related sources on web for more valuable information.

There are a lot from everywhere we look, but it would be best if you choose an agency or agent who comes from the area that you are thinking of buying in. so if you are searching for the luxury real estate in Chicago for example, talk to an agency or agent who's in Chicago, if you are searching for one in Seattle, then talk to those who're in Seattle. It is logical and easier because of this for they are more accustomed to the area compared to those whom you may trust but are certainly not located there

Real Estate Training Guide
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Real estate training is essential for the people who want to become a successful real-estate broker. It helps the crooks to learn all about real-estate business. Real estate business requires pretty much time, some basic knowledge on the business and skill to complete all transactions. Real estate training suggests all the ways to achieve their goals. You can also read about Amir Sibboni, a real estate expert. Amir Sibboni works at real estate attended, his blogs can help you understand various facts of real estate.

License is the fundamental requirement to become a real estate agent. Even it is a crucial thing to conduct real-estate business. Real estate Internet is the foremost option to join real-estate business. Some states provide online training courses that can assist you to complete pre-license needs. Before joining real estate business owners should satisfy some pre-license needs. They should; be of at least 19 years, be maintained a proctored exam, have senior high school diploma or some corresponding to it, pass a express exam, have completed a least approved course.

Generally real-estate training gives some guidelines to be aware of some real estate basic principles. They can easily understand ownership transfer, real estate law and math through real estate training. There're taught how to deal to with real-estate transactions during their training. Real estate training enables the crooks to understand the tricks and tips of the real est contracts. People who need to join some state approved courses should have initial license.

Anyone could be a successful real estate agent after completing real-estate training. They can run a prosperous business only if they've great professional habits, good salesmanship and the enthusiasm to acquire more information about real estate.