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Advantages Of Vegetable Glycerin Based E-Liquid
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E-liquids are known to have two types of bases, the Vegetable Glycerin and The Propylene Glycerol. Usually, some e-liquids have just one type of the two mixed in their e-liquid while there are some who have mixed VG and PG bases. While it is known that PG is the more popular base for e-liquids, Vegetable Glycerin has some advantages that you may not find in PG. With Vegetable Glycerin, there is no need to add sweeteners as VG is already sweet tasting in its plain form.

This works well specially for fruit and dessert flavors as it emphasizes the sweetness of its flavor, though there are times that flavors are a bit harder to detect as they are altered by the natural flavor of VG. ELiquid preparations that have PG will still need sweeteners like sorbitol and artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, some sweeteners may have side effects. VG also has a lighter hit on the throat which is good because it leaves a wonderful sensation in your mouth without slightly irritating your throat with the strong flavor. PG based e-Liquids have a stronger hit, mainly because PG is tasteless, and flavorings are emphasized. This may not be a good option for those who are not fond of strong flavors. Also, vegetable glycerin does not have allergic reactions on the body, and does not cause drying of the mouth like PG bases. All in all, you will not experience a slightly irritated throat with VG, and will not experience itchiness on some parts of the body. Unfortunately, with PG bases this is a common thing. For some allergic smokers, PG causes tingling of the throat and will cause some irritations on other parts of the body.

With improving preparations of eLiquids as the years go by, the next page  for vegetable glycerin bases will present exciting developments. But the best thing to do when deciding on which base to go for is to do a lot of research for more helpful hints on the best options for your eLiquids.

Economic Impact of Gas and Oil
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Gas and oil are more than just energies that keep our world running. Not only they are important, they also hold the important factor in economy. When it comes to gas and oil, we are talking about huge capital gain and wealth – not only to those responsible in exploring and providing them, but also to the ones using them – including the distributors.


The Wheels of Economy

Can you imagine what our modern world will be without the gas and oil? The modern world we know today may not even exist. The technology may not develop at this fast rate and we won't get to the level of accomplishment that we have right now. It is safe to say that gas and oil are the driving force and factor that make everything happen and possible.


The Downsides

However, all these developments and achievements have their own costs. One of the biggest impacts is the environment destruction that takes toll to the condition of the world we live in. Pollution, global warming, damages and destructions are quite common these days because of the exploration, mining, and so many other things.  Too bad such destructions have gone too far, although there are efforts and attempts been made to create alternative energy, but still….the world today depend so much on the current oil and gas we have today until true and solid alternative energy can be applied and implemented on our daily lives.


The Distributors

Despite all the fuss about the pros and cons of using gas and oil, we depend a lot to our oil distributors. Among the many names in the industry, pelumas pertamina has been in the business for quite some times and they have been dealing with quality control and reliable distributions. If you want to see their specialties and service coverage, you can always go to their official site at oli shell.