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Different People Have Different Reasons To Wear Hats
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In winter season everyone loves to sit in front of sun because sun keeps our body warm. But some people do not have idea that the rays that are emitted by sun can harm our skin and even cause skin cancer. Majority of the people protect their whole body by wearing warm clothes but they forget about their head. So, it is important to wear hats to protect our head from sun.

In the early time, people always used to wear hats for the functional reasons. Both men and women wore hats regardless of the occasion or activity. But now day’s different people like to wear hats for different reasons like some wear hats as a fashion accessory to look cool while people who are much conscious about their skin wear hats to protect them from sun.

Hats these days come in a number of styles like embroider hats, floppy hats, wool hats, 5 panel hats, short peak hats and many more. Among all these hats 5 panel hats re getting very popular. These hats come in simple shape having 5 panels. These hats good look on both man and woman. Moreover these hats also protect our eyes from sun rays.